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Training Courses>Partner Business Transaction Process  (2)
Partner Business Transaction Process  (2)
Partner Business Transaction Process  (2)

Partner Business Transaction Process  (2)

This course series describe how partners manage customers and apply for incentive earnings, and provides guidance for business development and management operations during the business development process.
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Target Trainees

Business Professionals. This course is open to invited persons only. If you want to study this course, please send the following information to : Name, Department, Position and Huawei cloud account. Thank you!


Course Objectives

This course series instruct trainees to learn how to manage customers, query bills, and perform other financial management operations such as top-up and repayment.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 Cash Coupon Management

Chapter 2 Set Budget and Discount for a Customer (Reseller Model)

Chapter 3 Top Up a Partner Account

Chapter 4 View Partner Bills and Customer Expenditures

Chapter 5 Confirm Incentive Earnings (Reseller Model)

Chapter 6 Apply to Issue Incentive Earnings

Chapter 7 How to Request an Invoice from HUAWEI CLOUD (Reseller Model)

Chapter 8 View Operation Statistics