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HUAWEI CLOUD Industry Solutions
HUAWEI CLOUD Industry Solutions

HUAWEI CLOUD Industry Solutions

This course series introduce the HUAWEI CLOUD industry solutions and the market development roadmap, including gaming, entertainment, finance, healthcare, transportation, logistics, and retail e-commerce solutions.
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Target Trainees

Business Professionals. This course is open to invited persons only. If you want to study this course, please send the following information to : Name, Department, Position and Huawei cloud account. Thank you!


Course Objectives

The course series focus on enabling market development personnel to master HUAWEI CLOUD industry solutions, develop sales ideas, and promote the matching between the cloud and customer business.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions: Gaming and Entertainment

Chapter 2 HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions: Dedicated Financial Cloud

Chapter 3 HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions: Healthcare Industry

Chapter 4 HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions: Smart Logistics

Chapter 5 HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions: Retail and E-Commerce