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Cloud Migration Solution SA
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Cloud Migration Solution SA
Cloud Migration Solution SA
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Cloud Migration Solution SA

This course describes cloud migration survey and evaluation, including migration requirements, customer requirements, application system information collection, and feasibility evaluation. Analyze the target system of the migration implementation solution design and design principles of the cloud architecture. Select the OS, computing resource, storage resource, load balancing, and cloud network solutions. Preparations and policies for designing the migration process solution; Three cloud-based
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Target Trainees

Partner solution expert SA


Course Objectives

Based on the cloud migration survey and evaluation, master the migration implementation solution design, complete the cloud resource selection and migration process solution design, and master the cloud innovation solution design.


Course Outline

01 Survey and Evaluation for Cloud Migration Solution
02 Migration Solution Design
03 Cloud Resource Selection
04 Cloud Migration Implementation
05 HUAWEI CLOUD Application Re-architecting Solution

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