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Business Basis
Business Basis

Business Basis

This course is a foundation for HUAWEI CLOUD partners, covering topics such as building your business with HUAWEI CLOUD, HUAWEI CLOUD advantages, HCPN resources and how to sell HUAWEI CLOUD.
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Target Trainees

Business Professionals. This course is open to invited persons only. If you want to study this course, please send the following information to : Name, Department, Position and Huawei cloud account. Thank you!


Course Objectives

The course covers the value propositions, ecosystem policies, and sales methods of HUAWEI CLOUD.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 Getting to Know HUAWEI CLOUD

Chapter 2 HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Network Policies

Chapter 3 HUAWEI CLOUD Highlights

Chapter 4 Understanding the Role of HUAWEI CLOUD Business Developers

Chapter 5 HUAWEI CLOUD Customer Development Process

Chapter 6 HUAWEI CLOUD Marketing wording

Chapter 7 Pricing and Cost Analysis