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Atlas 200DK Tutorial (Getting Started)
Training Courses>Atlas 200DK Tutorial (Getting Started)
Atlas 200DK Tutorial (Getting Started)
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Atlas 200DK Tutorial (Getting Started)

Atlas Series products are a series of AI acceleration hardware based on the Ascend AI processor. This course aims to teach the audience how to deploy and use Atlas 200DK.
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Course Introduction

This tutorial introduces the appearance of Altas 200DK and demonstrates the deployment and use of Altas 200DK development environment. Finally, through a few example applications, you can have a preliminary understanding of Altas 200DK.


Course Objectives

1.Get to know Atlas 200DK and understand its interface functions.


2.It has an intuitive experience of the AI application ability of Atlas 200DK.


Course Outline

Chapter 1  What is Atlas 200 DK

Chapter 2  Why Use the Atlas 200 DK

Chapter 3  Hardware Requirement

Chapter 4  Installing Ubuntu on a PC

Chapter 5  Installing Mind Studio on a PC

Chapter 6  Creating an SD Card

Chapter 7  Connect and Launch the Atlas 200DK

Chapter 8  Upgrade

Chapter 9  Samples





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