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TBE Certification Training Course (Advanced)
Training Courses>TBE Certification Training Course (Advanced)
TBE Certification Training Course (Advanced)
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TBE Certification Training Course (Advanced)

The Tensor Boost Engine (TBE) operator development mode is one of the main programming modes of the Ascend processors based on the Da Vinci architecture. The Ascend AI software stack provides the TBE operator development framework for developers to develop custom operators using Python.
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Course Introduction

In the advanced course, you will learn about two advanced modes for TBE operator development: TVM primitives and TIK. This will enable you to write more flexible, efficient TBE custom operators. From principles to practice, you can learn how to develop custom operators using the TBE development tool.


Course Objectives

This course will help you:

1.Develop custom operators using TVM primitives based on the TBE operator development framework.

2.Develop custom operators based on the TIK operator development framework.



Course Outline


Chapter 1  TIK Introduction

Chapter 2  TIK Language Elements

Chapter 3  TIK Function Debugging

Chapter 4  Practical Operator Analysis for TIK

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