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Training Courses>HUAWEI CLOUD Database Services
HUAWEI CLOUD Database Services
HUAWEI CLOUD Database Services

HUAWEI CLOUD Database Services

With the development of cloud computing technologies and user requirements, the cloud databases have become an indispensable product to users because of its high availability, and scalability.

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Course Introduction

These courses cover products such as RDS for MySQL, RDS for SQL Server, RDS for PostgreSQL, DDS, and DRS, helping you understand the functions, features, basic operations, and cloud migration of HUAWEI CLOUD database services.


Course Objectives

Learn how to select and use HUAWEI CLOUD database services in various scenarios.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 Introduction to HUAWEI CLOUD Database Engines

Chapter 2 RDS Related Services

Chapter 3 Data Replication Service

Chapter 4 Connecting to a DB Instance