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HUAWEI CLOUD Dedicated Cloud Solution
Training Courses>HUAWEI CLOUD Dedicated Cloud Solution
HUAWEI CLOUD Dedicated Cloud Solution
HUAWEI CLOUD Dedicated Cloud Solution
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HUAWEI CLOUD Dedicated Cloud Solution

As the cloud adoption of industry services promotes, the cloudification of core applications becomes the key choice for a successful digitalization of an industry. The Dedicated Cloud solution serves customers in different industries based on its high security-compliant standards and performance.

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Course Introduction

This course covers the overview, scenario introduction, cloud adoption solutions, differentiated capabilities, and best practices of HUAWEI CLOUD Dedicated Cloud solution.


Course Objective

After completing this course, you'll have learned about the application scenarios of the Dedicated Cloud solution and technical solutions for different customer scenarios.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 Introduction to ForeCloud Stack

Chapter 2 ForeCloud Stack Cases

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