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Training Courses>Getting to Know HUAWEI CLOUD
Getting to Know HUAWEI CLOUD
Getting to Know HUAWEI CLOUD

Getting to Know HUAWEI CLOUD

Everyone's talking about cloud computing, but do you understand how it really works? Maybe you want to use HUAWEI CLOUD services but don't know where to start. This course will discuss the various services on HUAWEI CLOUD and help you start your cloud journey.

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Course Introduction

This course will teach you about cloud computing, the services HUAWEI CLOUD offers, and how to get started with them.


Course Objectives

You will learn the features of HUAWEI CLOUD services, the architecture and service categorization, and how to use these services. For example, you will be able to register with HUAWEI CLOUD, purchase services, manage your information, and get help if you need it.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 Cloud Computing


Chapter 3 Get Started

Chapter 4 HUAWEI CLOUD Ecosystem