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HUAWEI CLOUD Business Professional

Learn the value propositions, advantages, TCO, cloud services, and industry-specific solutions of HUAWEI CLOUD and how to use HUAWEI CLOUD to build business to meet your customer requirements.

Courses in the 华为大学通用方案

Business Basis

This course is a foundation for HUAWEI CLOUD partners, covering topics such as building your business with HUAWEI CLOUD, HUAWEI CLOUD advantages, HCPN resources and how to sell HUAWEI CLOUD.

Starts 2018-12-12

Partner Business Transaction Process  (1)

The Partner Center is a platform for partners to conduct business, develop partners, and manage financial affairs after they join the HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Network (HCPN). This course series describe the entire business process for partners who have joined the HCPN.

Starts 2020-05-20

Partner Business Transaction Process  (2)

This course series describe how partners manage customers and apply for incentive earnings, and provides guidance for business development and management operations during the business development process.

Starts 2020-05-20

HUAWEI CLOUD General-purpose Solutions

This course series introduce HUAWEI CLOUD general-purpose solutions and development roadmap, including SAP, blockchain, data enablement+AI, DR, and Kunpeng solutions.

Starts 2020-05-20

HUAWEI CLOUD Industry Solutions

This course series introduce the HUAWEI CLOUD industry solutions and the market development roadmap, including gaming, entertainment, finance, healthcare, transportation, logistics, and retail e-commerce solutions.

Starts 2020-05-20

HUAWEI CLOUD TCO and Cloud Economics

Learn about TCO components and the HUAWEI CLOUD TCO.

Starts 2018-12-10

Business Professional Exam

Take an exam on the Business Professional service.

Starts 2018-12-15

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