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HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Solution Training: Business Basis
HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Solution Training: Business Basis
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HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Solution Training: Business Basis

This course is designed specifically for HCPN Partners and professionals who want to learn about HUAWEI CLOUD. By learning about HUAWEI CLOUD knowledge and best practices, you can better meet customer business challenges in digital transformation and innovation.

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Course Introduction

This course is a foundation for HUAWEI CLOUD partners, covering topics such as building your business with HUAWEI CLOUD, advantages, security compliance, and HCPN resources of HUAWEI CLOUD.


Course Objectives

The course covers the value propositions, ecosystem policies, differentiators, security and compliance, digital transformation solutions and practices, and methods of migrating workloads to HUAWEI CLOUD.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 Getting to Know HUAWEI CLOUD

Chapter 2 Advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD

Chapter 3 Growing Business with HUAWEI CLOUD

Chapter 4 Interpretation of HUAWEI CLOUD Ecosystem Policies in 2019

Chapter 5 HUAWEI CLOUD Security Compliance

Chapter 6 HCPN Resources

Chapter 7 Assessment


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