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HCIA-Cloud Service
HCIA-Cloud Service
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HCIA-Cloud Service

HCIA-Cloud Service assesses and certifies a learner's basic knowledge and usage skills of HUAWEI CLOUD services. It helps them master HUAWEI CLOUD services and enhance their practical skills.

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Course Introduction

HCIA-Cloud Service is the inspection and certification of Huawei cloud service basic knowledge and usage skills; it aims to help individuals quickly grasp the basic cloud service knowledge and practical ability.


Course Objectives

Basic and comprehensive understanding of popular cloud service products and technologies in the market, with the ability to use Huawei cloud service products independently, and help enterprise ICT transformation.


Course Outline

Chapter 1 Cloud Computing


Chapter 3 Get Started

Chapter 4 HUAWEI CLOUD Ecosystem

Chapter 5 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-Compute

Chapter 6 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-Storage

Chapter 7 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-Network

Chapter 8 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-Security

Chapter 9 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-Cloud Eye

Chapter 10 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-Database

Chapter 11 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-Enterprise Intelligence

Chapter 12 HUAWEI CLOUD Services-API Gateway

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